We specialize in the reissue of historic performances on 78 rpm records by Jewish musicians.
So far we have issued two releases on the Renair label, Shbahoth and Shir Hodu, music recorded in Iraq in the 1920s and in India in the 1930s.
These recordings provide a link with a tradition that ended recently and that had lasted for more than 2 millennia.
The original recordings were sourced from all over the world and have now become a primary source for any researcher into the field of Jewish ethnomusicology.
In the coming months we aim to release more music both religious and secular with ties to other vanished Jewish communities.
We also want this site to be a resource for researchers and have created a page where 78 rpm record labels can be viewed. These labels cover klezmer, cantorial and popular Jewish music going back to the early 1900s.